The Anxiety Diaries Volume 23: Channeled Feelings Throughout Lyrics

I believe I have done a similar post to this one in the past with a Billie Eillish song (Also is she okay? I haven’t heard anything from her in a while…) but I wanted to reiterate how meaning song lyrics can be when dealing with my depression and anxiety.

Former Vine star turned Vlogger turned recording artist Scotty Sire has been known not to hide his depression. Sire often doesn’t hold back when discussing his struggles especially through song and ‘My Life Sucks‘ is no different.

Sure, there isn’t much to decode in terms of what to relate to but the boldness of the lyrics and the blunt attitude of them speak to me in ways that sometimes is better for me.

Sire offers a look into his heart and his mind with a playfulness that I vibed with so much I chose it for an entire post.