Youtuber Drama: What The F*ck Is Going On?

Just as the real world is messed up so is the world of Youtube influencers and here is my view on the whole thing as explained in a way that my ex would understand (I had a habit of rambling on about pop culture for him, its a love language okay):


    Last year Youtube beauty expert Tati Westbrook (38 years old) ‘broke the internet’ claiming fellow beauty vlogger James Charles (21 years old) acted in sexually inappropriate ways toward a waiter in LA. All of this seemed to be able Charles posting an ad for vitamin gummies from a competing company to that of Westbrook’s sponsorship.
6 Celebs Who Took Sides In The James Charles & Tati Westbrook Feud

But who was behind all of this? Known racist Jeffree Star(34 years old) of course! Star, who apparently holds Anonymous level intel on everyone in LA, convinced Westwood to create a Youtube video about Charles to ‘cancel him’. It worked for a bit, but Charles quickly rebutted with ALL the receipts and regained his lost followers.

Fast forward to 2020 aka the never ending year and Westbrook has released a sort of ‘take back’ video claiming she was wrong. In a video that is so legally constrained it’s like watching a cancelled celebrity on an apology tour Westbrook tries to right her wrong in teaming up with another 30 year old to bully a then 20 year old. At the start of the feud, James Charles lost close to three million subscribers while Tati gained nearly four million subs. Now, she is returning following a long hiatus from her channel to tell “her side of the story”.


In an effort to remain relevant the tired former Viner released some strange spoken word about her haters and bullies (pronounced boolies for some reason by her) during an interview. She was recently ‘cancelled’ over previously posted social media posts that dabbled in racism and sexism. Since then she has deleted all of her social media and is ‘taking a break’.

Time to give her space: Gabbie Hanna deletes her Instagram and ...


The shower-avoiding Influencer has not only been consistently posting racist material but made some questionable and creepy video years ago about Willow Smith. In the video Dawson is fake masturbating to a young Willow Smith and with the resurfacing of this the Smith family is ready to have a little chat about it. This is not the first of his terrible posts. Additionally, Shane Dawson has had all three of his Youtube channels demonetized, and his partnership with Morphe taken away.

YouTube Suspends Monetization On All Three Of Shane Dawson's ...


Following all this Youtube drama beloved Jenna Marbles has decided to stop creating things for such a negative platform and I’m f*cking BUMMED.

YouTube Star Jenna Marbles Quits Channel Following Blackface ...


This mega-star influencer made apologies this past week for her racist accent imitations in past videos with ex-boyfriend David Dobrik.

Liza Koshy to Host Dance-Competition Series 'Floored' for Quibi ...


Former vlog squad member Seth is outting head honcho David Dobrik regarding racism in the vlogs from 2015 on. Dobrik has yet to comment on the subject but has been seen friending it up with Madison Beer and Addison Rae who are both in the spotlight for racism with Madison saying the n word and Addison blackfishing.

Speaking OutYouTuber Seth Francois Seemingly Accuses David Dobrik ...

Insert TikTok sound: WHOS NEXT?

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