#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Podcast Queen Ali Evans

There was no way I was only going to chat with Logan Hedrich, this blog is all about that female empowerment. I got to chat with a Twitter fave of mine this week from one and an absolutely amazing podcaster Ali Evans. We chat about the Dee situation on MTV, Harry Potter (obviously) and yes, Beyonce. Ready to get into it? LETS GET INTOOOO ITTTTTT!

1. Let’s start with a big one: What are your views on the recent firing and comments from Dee? How can MTV do better when it comes to equality?

**Immediately skips to the fun questions first**

MTV is guilty of using inappropriate and harmful storylines to promote their shows over the years, and we are guilty of accepting it. There needs to be more accountability from all of us – MTV, the cast, the fans, the editors, the producers, etc. MTV could start by hosting a serious round table discussion, giving people an opportunity to openly admit to their past mistakes, and try to make amends for them when it’s not for likes or retweets.

It’s okay for MTV to change their stance on how they handle problematic behavior moving forward. I think it would be hypocritical for them to hold that same standard for past problematic behavior when they’ve not only allowed it – but encouraged it. MTV, without a doubt, protects certain people, which begs the question, “who should we blame for that?” When I think back on Dirty XXX specifically, that season has such a stain on it because the two winners, Camilla and Jordan, both said hurtful & hateful things that they should have been sent home for. If someone “less important” on the cast had said what either of them said, I believe they would have been immediately released.

Dee didn’t say the worst thing that’s ever been said, but she said it at the most insensitive time. With that said, I think she was rightfully fired. It’s important that these higher expectations & standards stick around and apply to everyone. I hope MTV connects her with the resources she needs, because I think they’ve played a part in her suffering mental health.

In a perfect world, MTV would put out a statement acknowledging the role they’ve played in allowing these things to happen and clearly stating that they won’t be tolerated moving forward. Oh, and someone should tell Jordan that “but Nia forgives me!” isn’t going to cut it. 

2. If you were to compete on The Challenge, who would your dream partner be and why is it Fessy?

I’m never telling you another secret again, Nikki. Obviously Fessy would be an awesome partner for a lot of reasons, but my answer to this question will always be Tony Raines. We already have a great brother/sister type relationship, but I’d have a ton of work to do because he’s transformed into a total beast. I believe in that guy so much, and I think I would push myself even harder knowing I was trying to get him a win. As much as I’d want it for me, I would be so proud to help him bring home a win for Alyssa and the little ladies.

3. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

I’ve been in Marketing and Sales for my whole career, but most people don’t know that I have a degree in Cultural Anthropology, with minors in Sociology and Criminal Justice. I focused most of my studies on Latin American countries and Women’s history – the Archaeology/digging up bones/sweating in the dirt stuff wasn’t my jam. I think this is why I’m pretty good at reading people, because I spent years studying different cultures, why people associate themselves with certain groups, even why they commit the crimes they commit. I can figure people out pretty fast.

I’m also a National Championship Cheerleader and a trained EMT, so I can cheer you on while I save your life.

4. You get one Harry Potter question and that’s it; If you had to recast the main characters who would you choose and why?

This feels slightly blasphemous because I think the HP films were so perfectly cast, but since I’m not worried about disappointing JK Rowling anymore, I can fantasy cast a movie.

Harry: Andrew Garfield can pull off being too serious for his own good, while still being totally charming.
Ron: Donald Glover has the perfect “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” vibe that Ron Weasley always seems to have.
Hermione: Troian Bellisaro (Spencer from Pretty Little Liars) because she’s beautiful, and smarter than everyone, but we’re all okay with it.
Dumbledore: Well, definitely not Jude Law. Since I can pick whoever I want, we’re getting a female Dumbledore and I’m picking Mary Beth Piel – “Grams” from Dawson’s Creek. I’ve been binging DC for a couple months and she is just absolutely everything. She could totally be Dumbledore.
Hagrid: Seth Rogan. He’s got the voice at-the-ready, and Hagrid is definitely growing weed somewhere in the Forbidden Forest.
Malfoy: Dave Franco, because he’s obviously super-hot, and it would be fun to watch him play a snarky, spoiled brat.

5. Back in (2018), you had the opportunity to check out a theme park with a ton of Challenge cast members, can you tell me a bit about that?

A couple things happened leading up to that whole event. First, I attended a Challenge meet & greet type event in NYC in the beginning of June 2018. I was there with one of my best friends, Kayla, and we had such a good time. There was a similar event in Orlando later that same month, but I had pretty much ruled it out as a possibility. A week after I got back from NYC, there was a raffle announced where you’d win a day at Universal Orlando with members of the cast. The next day, my 31st birthday, I narrowly avoided a car accident that would have absolutely killed me. I literally felt so lucky to be alive that I bought 31 raffle tickets for $1 each – and won. It was wild.

My husband Brian and I drove down to Orlando and had the best, most surreal weekend. The cast that went to Universal included: Jemmye, her best friend Cori, Tony, with then-girlfriend Alyssa, Cara Maria, Hunter, Nelson, Zach, Jenna, Brittni, Brad, Derrick K. & Scott Yager, Nicole Ramos, and Ashley K. My favorite moment was the woman who shouted “Is that Jemmye?!” from a bathroom stall because she recognized Jemmye’s voice. I’m not just saying this because she’s my friend, but Jemmye is the absolute nicest to fans. She takes the time to talk with everyone, ask their names, where they’re from, etc. It was fun watching people look at my husband and me trying to work out if we were anyone important. One girl even thought Brian was Cohutta – YOU WISH COHUTTA. Everyone was so nice to us, and that weekend really solidified some of the friendships I still have now. This was also right after Cara Maria had won Vendettas, and it was awesome and empowering seeing people get so excited to meet her – the first solo winner in the history of The Challenge. I wish I had more tea for you, but really it was just an amazing weekend that I will always be grateful for.

6. Do you ever hold back on saying certain things on the podcast?

Absolutely. I try and keep my commentary within the context of the show itself, which is complicated because there is so much drama that goes down on social media. A perfect example is the pictures that Kailah and Stephen Bear posted together when they were eliminated in back to back weeks this season. If I talk about that on the podcast before either of them gets sent home, it’s considered a spoiler, because then you know they don’t win.
There are also people in the cast that I know I wouldn’t vibe with if I met them in person. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good competitors or fun to watch. However, if I say on the podcast that I think they’re “whatever”, without a solid reason, I’ll get roasted on the internet. We all have those unexplained biases, I just keep mine to myself. 
I will never hold back how much I love Logan though. That guy is the freaking best.

7. If you had to choose one song right now to be your ‘theme song’ what would it be and why?

“Get me Bodied” by Beyonce will forever be my theme song, but it has to be the extended version. I actually kicked people off the dance floor at my wedding that I didn’t think were doing the song justice with their moves.

waitress beyonce gif | WiffleGif

8. What was the first season of The Challenge that you watched and said ‘yup, this is for me’.

The first season I watched of The Challenge was Season 6, Battle of the Sexes. The Real World Hawaii had just aired, and I still think that holds up as one of the most compelling casts of reality TV to this day. I related to Amaya the most, definitely fell for Colin, loved Teck & Kaia, and was totally rooting for Ruthie. I wish there were a way to watch that season again, because I think it would be frozen in time as far as feeling authentic and relatable.

I tuned into Battle of the Sexes and absolutely got my money’s worth. Y’all, there was a visibly pregnant woman, a wedding, a spitting incident, a green card debacle, and Veronica & Rachel inventing the concept of Mean Girls wayyyy before Regina George. I remember thinking “I shouldn’t tell anyone I watch this show.” The next season was The Gauntlet, filmed in the tropical and exotic Telluride, Colorado, so it’s safe to say the show was still discovering what worked and what didn’t.

9. Let’s do a little fantasy casting (this is one of my fave Twitter things btw), who do you want to see on a 10 team season of Rivals?

If we get another Rivals season, I’d want to see a female/male team format:

1. Veronica/Leroy (dirty XXX “burn vote” situation)
2. Cara Maria/Tony (“you look like my mom” drama)
3. Ashley M./Bananas (**gestures wildly around**)
4.  Kailah/Hunter (they basically hated each other on XXX)
5. Melissa/Rogan (recent tribunal betrayal)
6. Laurel/Wes (War of the Worlds 2 battle)
7. Da’vonne/Shane (he called her a b*tch on FR)
8. Nany/Frank (Battle of the Seasons rivalry)
9. Aneesa/Nelson (Total Madness argument)
10. Jemmye/Fessy (That Twitter fight I’m going to tell Jemmye to start with Fessy so she can secure the bag)

Jemmye & Ali

10. What’s next for you?  

I’ve basically been spending my days counting down to Hamilton so now I have all this free time! I’m also going to find out if Dave Franco is available to play Draco Malfoy and ask if he’ll call Seth Rogan for me.

Oh, and I’m definitely voting in November. 

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