#MusicMonday:Scotty Sire Nails The ‘Don’t Be Sad’ Approach To Depression With His New(ish) Music Video

As a person who suffers from depression I hear a lot of the same things from people, unsolicited advice if you will…and you will, such as:

“you’re not trying hard enough to be happy”
“could be worse”
“look on the bright side”
and the classic line that inspired this song from one of faves Scotty Sire “just don’t be sad”

And not to spoil it or anything but these suggestions are pile of horse sh*t and they don’t help at all. My initial reaction to any of these is “sweet, all cured“.

Scotty Sire has always had a way of creating music that I can relate to, he empowers the feeling of sadness in a room full of people you love, all the efforts (medications etc) made to help with depression and his songs are catchy af.

In a video released in June…what month is it now? What day of quarantine are we in? Anyway a video released this Summer Scotty and crew encapsulate that horrid phrase “don’t be sad” in a colourful and fun video mocking how “easy” it is to just not be sad.

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