#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With DJ And Producer Uppermost

It is rare that I get the opportunity to speak with an artist as musically-crafted and lovely as this week’s feature. Hailing from France with a French name that I absolutely butcher despite taking 5 years of French lessons, the artist better known as Uppermost took the time in quarantine to chat with me about music, his new album, record label and gives a cool blogger a shoutout (spoiler: that blogger is ME).

  1. What can fans expect from your upcoming album?

With the next album, I’m taking a very different approach from my previous works. It will be a very personal one, with a fully cinematographic inspiration.

  1. Music is a unifier, it is a force that brings us all together through sound and words. As a creator of this unifier during COVID-19, how do you think music helps throughout the pandemic?

Music is always the best speaker for things that cannot be said in any other form of communication. During these painful times, I deeply believe in its power to heal anxiety and stress, to create a shelter of peace and empathy between human beings.

  1. You asked on your Facebook page “If you had to choose only one of my tracks for a movie soundtrack: which one would it be? and for what STYLE of movie?” What is your pick and why?

Constellation, because I made this specific track while clearly visualizing it as part of a soul touching movie.

  1. If you could choose one song to be your “theme song” for your life currently what would it be and why?

I like that question a lot since I often screen my states of mind in my tracks. Currently it would probably be « They Call Us Dreamers », the title being pretty much self explanatory.

  1. You are quoted on social media recently stating “I don’t want to succeed I want to be helpful”, what did you mean by that?

I have let go of the idea of making a big career in the electronic music industry with all the networking that it involved in my mind. I have decided to keep it true and low key, I want to make music to give oxygen to people and help them get through life’s obstacles, wherever it brings or doesn’t bring me.

  1. What is an average day like for you during quarantine?

A lot of music making and label managing, and a little bit of sport to keep me away from the screens for a while.

  1. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

Well something that people may not expect listening to my tracks is the fact that I actually am a big lover of folk music.

  1. Who or what inspires you musically?

Authenticity, resilience, the power to be true in all circumstances.

  1. Let’s talk about Uppwind, are you excited for any particular new releases from artists on the label?

I am definitely excited to be developing the label more and more through the last few months. I’m working to get a new compilation released before the end of this year as well as new releases from talented underrated artists.

  1. What’s next for you?

I’ll be releasing new single twice a month until the end of 2020, while taking my time working on the upcoming album. Meanwhile I’d like to thank you Nikki for this great interview opportunity, keep on sharing the good vibes!

And thank YOU Uppermost for being so down to earth and cool. Stay tuned for some more cool sh*t on http://www.thenikkisin.com y’all!

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