Tinlicker And Helsloot Have New Music

Dance floor dreamers Tinlicker dropped a new collaborative EP with Helsloot called Paradise. Now I’m not going to pretend I know much about this genre, only that I’ve dated Djs in the past but I know what sounds I like and this is FUN AF.

The set is Tinlicker’s first release since signing to Astralwerks, and its super airy and relaxing in sound and feel!

Listen to Paradise HERE.

In August (which was only LAST MONTH…2020 just won’t end), Tinlicker and fellow Dutch DJ Helsloot shared the EP’s title track, featuring a R&B vocalist Saro. The release is rounded out by another track called “Like,” a darker effort that starts with some rumbling thunder-like bass before returning to the sound that the producers often inhabit together. I really dig the R&B addition to the sound. The EP also includes extended mixes of each song.

Today, the duo is also sharing a “Like” visualizer, which features the EP’s stunning cover art. “A house in the middle of an empty field comes alive like a club in the twilight hours — a reminder, perhaps, that you can find ecstasy in the midst of the everyday. “

Listen to the Paradise EP here.

Watch the “Like” visualizer here.
Helsloot doing his best Zoolander

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