It’s National Podcast Day: Here Are Some Of My Favourites

When you are someone like myself who works from home (usually alone but the occasional work-date happens) podcasts are a great way to feel like you are a part of a conversation. In celebration of the totally-made-up National Podcast Day I thought I would share some of my favourite shows to listen to. And a few sprinkled in to make me seem more interesting and cultured.


The Joe Budden Podcast (focuses on hip-hop mainly)

Song Exploder (artists breakdown their songs and tell the story of their creation).

Questlove Supreme (The Roots artist talks music + more)

Midnight Looms (Music’s boyfriend Gobs serves up music you didn’t know you needed in your life)

Tape Notes (reunites artists with producers to talk about their songs)

Reality TV/Pop Culture

Love War Challenges (covers MTV’s The Challenge)

Hedrich Files (covers weekly breakdown of MTV’s The Challenge / Survivor Recaps / Reality TV Cast Interviews / HARRY POTTER / Pop Culture

Laguna Biotch (Laguna Beach and The Hills)

90 Day Gays with Jake Anthony and Matt Marr (covers a ton of TLC reality shows)

Shooting The Sh*t

Zane And Heath Unfiltered (Vlog Squad vets bring their coffee talk to a podcast)

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People (The host interviews an anon guest each episode)

True Crime

Bear Brooks (One of the blueprints of the genre)

Up And Vanished (each season focuses on a new case)

Sinisterhood (2 women discuss true crime)


Spittin’ Chiclets (sports talk)


The Joy Of Procrastination (lets take away the stigma of procrastinating…next week maybe?)

Terrible, Thanks For Asking (trauma/loss)

The Tony Robbins Podcast (a master of self-help)

The Habit Coach (integrating positive habits)


Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period (title is self explanatory)

Script Notes (for screenwriters)

How Did This Get Made? (mocks bad films)

Video Games

Retronauts (about retro vidya-games)


So Many Damn Books (a breakdown of a book and a personalized cocktail recipe)

Black Chick Lit (two black women discuss books by black women)

Tales (fairy tales told the REAL way)

Now these are just a few of the podcasts that go through my rotation, but I find the different genres are best for different activities. I like self-help at night when I am winding down, whereas I like to blast Zane And Heath while I work.

Do you have your own podcast? Do you want to start your own? Let me know in the comments!


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