The Anxiety Diaries Volume 27: I Am A Published Author

Something that came to light recently for me was the anxiety around feeling stuck or lost during this pandemic. As my city remains in secondary lockdown I realized why I am flooded with additional anxiety. I cannot run. I cannot flee somewhere to clear my mind, so I had to just stew with my thoughts. And what came of this? Well it was a mixture of things really; it created a sense of ‘what now’, fear, change, inner peace, realizations, and my debut book.

The Anxiety Diaries began as a series to express myself soon after my father passed away and has quickly grown into a project I am so passionate about. This is the first of 3 books in this series and it is titled The Anxiety Diaries Book One: Past.

You can purchase the book now on Kindle or paperback.

Published by Nikki Sin

Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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