MTV’s The Challenge Season 36 “Double Agents” Cast Revealed Packed With Vets And Fresh Faces

Holy sh*t FINALLY. After what I think was a lacklustre season with Total Madness MTV’s hit show The Challenge is back to save TV from the Wonder Bread and mayo sandwich that was Total Madness and Big Brother All Stars.

The Challenge: Double Agents will be returning to a pairs format from what I know and will continue with a similar theme to Total Madness with helicopters and I assume stunt challenges.

This cast is STACKED with returning vets like Theresa and Darrell, anda newly split from his wife CT ready to duke it out with rookies like Survivor’s Natalie Anderson, Lio Rush (former WWE star) and Olympic athlete Lolo Jones.

How will this season differ from last? Well this is the first season in a long time that will not feature Johnny Bananas. And we are all hoping for no f*cking bunker life. Give me drinking, give me drama, give me Nany and her cup noodles, give me better daily challenges.

The Challenge: Double Agents Cast re:

The official debut of The Challenge: Double Agents on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c and exclusive sneak peek and meet the cast on Monday, December 7 at 8/7c.


Aneesa Ferreira – 14th Challenge

Twitter: @Aneesamtv

Instagram: @Aneesamtv

Ashley Mitchell – 8th Challenge

Twitter: @mtvashleybrooke

Instagram: @mtvashleybrooke

Cory Wharton – 8th Challenge

Twitter: @CoryWharton

Instagram: @CoryWharton_ig

Chris “CT” Tamburello – 18th Challenge

Twitter: @TheOfficial_CT

Instagram: @_famous4nothing

Devin Walker – 5th Challenge

Twitter: @MTVDevinWalker

Instagram: @mtv_devin

Darrell Taylor – 9th Challenge

Twitter: @mtvrrdarrell

Instagram: @darrell_taylor_lb4lb

Faysal Shawn “Fessy” Shafaat – 2nd Challenge

Twitter: @fessyfitness

Instagram: @fessyfitness

Jay Starrett – 2nd Challenge

Twitter: @Jay__Qs

Instagram: @jqskim

Josh Martinez – 4th Challenge

Twitter: @JOSHMBB19

Instagram: @josh_martinez_

Kam Williams – 5th Challenge

Twitter: @iamkamiam_

Instagram: @iamkamiam_

Kaycee Clark – 2nd Challenge

Twitter: @ThatStudMuffin

Instagram: @kcsince1987

Kyle Christie – 6th Challenge

Twitter: @KyleCGShore

Instagram: @kylecgshore

Leroy Garrett – 12th Challenge

Twitter: @bruce_lee85

Instagram: @royleethebarber

Nany Gonzalez – 10th Challenge

Instagram: @nanycarmen

Nelson Thomas – 7th Challenge

Twitter: @_nelsonthomas

Instagram: @_NelsonThomas

Nicole Zanatta – 3rd Challenge

Twitter: @n_zanattaMTV

Instagram: @n_zanattamtv

Theresa Jones – 7th Challenge

Twitter: @theresa_m_jones

Instagram: @theresa_m_jones

Tori Deal – 5th Challenge

Twitter: @tori_deal

Instagram: @tori_deal

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley – 3rd Challenge

Twitter: theogbig_t

Instagram: @BigTFaz

Wes Bergmann – 14th Challenge

Twitter: @westonbergmann, Instagram: @westonbergmann


Amber Borzotra – Big Brother

Twitter: @amberborzotra Instagram: @amberborzotra

Amber Martinez – Are You The One?

Twitter: @amba1210

Instagram: @ambaaa_

Gabby Allen – Love Island/Celebrity Big Brother UK

Twitter: @gabbydawnallen

Instagram: @gabbydawnallen

Joseph Allen – America’s Got Talent

Twitter: @itsjosephallen

Instagram: @itsjosephallen

Lio Rush – Former WWE wrestler

Twitter: @TheLionelGreen

Instagram: @thelionelgreen

Lolo Jones – U.S. Olympian/Celebrity Big Brother

Twitter: @lolojones

Instagram: @lolojones

Mechie Harris – Musician/Ex on the Beach

Twitter: @mechiesocrazyy

Instagram: @mechiesocrazy

Nam Vo – Ultimate Beastmaster

Instagram: @nam.vo.official

Natalie Anderson – Survivor/Amazing Race

Twitter: @NatalieeAnd

Instagram: @natalieeand

Olivia “Liv” Jawando – Shipwrecked

Instagram: @livleilani

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