10 Things That Happened on MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 2

Ooooweee Rick there was some drama this episode. There is a lot less to unpack this week but you’re still getting 10 points so deal with it.

1. Natalie chose her partner after winning her first elimination last week. She officially chose to go back with Wes, leaving CT as a ‘rogue agent’.

2. This new title for CT means he will not compete in the daily challenge and will receive a new partner based on the men’s elimination this week.

3. Um…Joseph was doing Charlotte Crosby’s Belly Blitz or something and Leroy made fun of him for it. This gave Joseph the ‘goofy’ edit for the episode.

4. The daily challenge had players swim out in FREEZING water to bring over iceblocks with blocks in them. After getting these ice blocks to shore teams were to use tools to remove the blocks and then place them in another team’s post. 3 blocks entered into a team’s post and they were eliminated. Wes and Natalie were targeted and eliminated first.

5. Meechie was DQ’d after his muscles tensed up from the cold water.

6. When Fessy and Aneesa won with zero blocks in their post it was clear they had numbers.

7. Lolo simped over Nam, Wes grovelled a bit to get more numbers, Devin said he cannot understand a word Nicole says and

8. Big T began plotting her scheme for a new partner while Joseph came for Wes and wanted to ‘take him out’.

This Is Big Mtv GIF by Geordie Shore - Find & Share on GIPHY

9. At the dismay of the double agents not only did Kyle lie about who he voted for but the house voted in Big T and Joseph. Leaving Aneesa and Fessy to make a big choice and to the shock of all they voted in Kyle and Nany, and NOT Wes and Natalie. It was obviously a physical elimination and Fessy chose not to go in.

10. It was a men’s elimination, similar to pole wrestle with a ring. Kyle BODIED Joseph even though Joseph attempted his mustard technique. Leaving Kyle with the choice of a new partner, and Big T up for grabs.

Kyle puked a bit as he was hungover, and chose…KAM as his new partner. Josh then was forced to choose a new partner and chose Nany, leaving CT to partner with Big T.

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