10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 3

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  1. After Kyle chose Kam as his new partner and shook up the game he took his post-elimination confidence to mock his competitors. Fessy admitted double agents see the votes and it upset Cory to be out of the loop.
  2. The Daily Challenge was a wrestling match atop a moving truck:

    Kam/Kyle v Nicole/Devin
    Nat/Wes v Nany/Josh
    Gabby/Lio v Amber/Darrell
    Lolo/Nam v Theresa/Jay
    Tori/Cory v Liv/Mechie
    Kaycee/Leroy v Amber/Nelson
    Big T/CT v Aneesa/Fessy
  3. Both Liv and Nicole were injured. Nicole was medically DQ’d from the game and went home. And the double agents were Kaycee and Leroy.

4. Following a misunderstanding, no doubt a drunk one, about cooking eggs and pizza there was a fight between CT and Kaycee. Josh decided to tell CT that he made Kaycee cry which lead to that lie becoming a fight between CT and Josh.

Did Kam Just Make The Slyest Challenge Move Of All Time? - MTV

5. Devin decided to shout ‘Big Brother sucks!’ and then well there a Josh and Devin fight.

6. Voting Ceremony- Another ‘wah while I’m voting for you if you vote for me’.

7. Wes pitched himself to Leroy for safety in the game.

8. Nam is still hot. And Devin is voted into the elimination.

9. The Elimination- a tug ‘o’ war of sorts is the game and Leroy and Kaycee toss Wes in to go against his friend Devin.

10. Devin wins and chooses Tori as his partner, leaving Cory with Natalie.


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