10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 6

Lolo gets angry, Killa Kam is activated and a couple of people lose a partner in this episode.

mtv the challenge gifs

1. Devin is the rogue agent.

2. Theresa battles a balance between her friend groups (vets and rookies. Lolo and Theresa talk about it.

3.Nany and Lio talk about his past and how he is adjusting to the game.

4. Lio leaves the Challenge due to his mental health.

5. Devin and Gabby become partners.

6.“Smuggle run” is the gruelling daily challenge. Aneesa, Big T, and Lolo struggle. It is a 5 mile run with a large capsule, followed by a puzzle, then more running. Ashley and Cory go the wrong way… Jay and Theresa take the win and become this week’s Double Agents. They also win 6K each.

7. Fessy runs back to Gabby for some…umm..emotional support… and Jay and Theresa make some risky moves gamewise.

8. Theresa guns for Ashley and Ashley makes a great case for herself in the house deliberation but it doesn’t work. Cory and Ashley are the house vote. Theresa wants to send in Nany and Josh, or Kam and Kyle to protect herself.

9. Kam and Kyle are chosen to go against them pissing off the majority of the house.

10. Kam sends Ashley home, again, in “Dead Ringer”. Kam decides to stick with her partner Kyle, leaving Cory as the rogue agent.

Now to tide you over until next week here is a brand-new track from MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents very-own Joseph Allen, Lio Rush and Jay Starrett.

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