Actress/Singer Cassie Steele Creates An Iconic Addition To The ‘Buss It Challenge’ Manny Santos Style

It seems like every other week there is a new ‘challenge’ online and the ‘buss it challenge’ is just one of the newer challenges to keep people occupied during the pandemic.
Cassie Steele (Degrassi, The LA Complex, Rick And Morty, The Dorm etc) brought back one of the most iconic looks from her beloved character on Degrassi: TNG Manny Santos.

Santos has this iconic scene where she changes her look with the help of low rider jeans and a g-string to ditch her ‘cute’ look and become ‘hot’ and well…Cassie wanted to remind us of that memorable moment with this TikTok she posted.

TikTok has since removed the video but it remains on Cassie’s Instagram.