Rapper BJ The Queen Releases A Powerful New Music Video: See It Here

CW: Mentions of s*xual ass*ult, and r*pe.


It did not take me long to become a fan of BJ The Queen after I first saw her on TikTok. She is talented, unapologetic, and open. Never one to be shy to speak on topics such as parental death, the downfall of the American Justice System, BLM, and sexual assault/rape BJ takes to her music to address these topics. She utilizes her social media followings to raise awareness and most recently had fans submit the images used in this video re: TikTok/Instagram.

‘Monday March 23’ features fan videos, but not just any fans…SURVIVORS. Survivors of rape and assault. The lyrics tell the horrific tale of BJ’s own experience and it is POWERFUL. (See the video below).

This video is important and this song is important. Survivors HAVE a voice but it is often muffled in the media, and BJ offered an opportunity to amplify that voice for some. I truly believe that BJ deserves more credit in the rap world and I am hoping that this post will help others feel the same.

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