10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 10

Lolo Jones could win another medal…in crying in the most boring episode of the season. For a full recap of the episode check out Caffeine Confessionals.

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  1. Aftermath/Scheming/Sh*t-talking

    CT & Devin talk about wanting to put Josh in (as he’s a non-threat). Devin promises CT his chance at a gold skull and if not CT then Nam.
  2. The Further Development of Gessy? Fabby?

    Gabby and Fessy kissed.
  3. Lolo’s 100859363 Feelings vs Stoic Nam

    Lolo is fed up with Nam and how quiet he is. She claims she needs “a man that loves her for her”. Which I’m not sure has anything to do with The Challenge…?
  4. Amber B Regrets Not Going Head-to-Head With Theresa

    The amount of chances left to get a skull is down to 2 and Amber regrets not taking a shot last week.
  5. Daily Challenge

    ‘Operation Black Sand Ops’ had challengers digging up puzzle pieces with the ability to sabotage other teams. While the Big Brother alliance helped one another, everyone was gunning to sabotage Devin and Gabby.
    Josh and Nany finish first but get puzzle cold feet, it comes down to CT & Big T and Devin & Gabby.
  6. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

    Devin and Gabby become the double agents.
  7. The Devin Show

    Devin wants to cause some chaos but Gabby wants a shot at her gold skull.
  8. Me, Me, Me

    Nany, Amber M, and Lolo all want their shot at a skull. Nany doesn’t want to be the house vote and is hoping Devin will back up his sh*t talk and put her and Josh in. Cory convinces Amber M to ‘earn her stripes’ and Lolo simply doesn’t want to be partners with Nam anymore.

    While Josh continues to look exactly like Kandy Muse.
  9. House Vote 2021

    Cory & Amber M are sent into elimination.

10. Elimination – Hall Bore

It’s a women’s week, and Gabby fumbles the bag and basically hands a gold skull to another player. The double agents send in Darrell and Amber B. It is Hall Brawl with a ball twist and it was anticlimactic.

Amber B aka Amber Beast wins
Chooses to stick with Darrell

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