10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 11

This is honestly one of my favourite episodes of the season. It has so many things that I love about the show in it. And the players are HAVING FUN! I want to see more of this. BIG T>EVERYONE ELSE.

Rookies' Revenge: Is Big T's Girl Gang The Next Big Threat On The Challenge?  - MTV
  1. Aftermath/Scheming/Sh*t-talking

    Amber B talks about being blindsided last week by Gabby.

    Cute “workout” with CT & Big T

    Lolo & CT feel like they are being “blocked” to get their gold skulls. Lolo threatens to leave the game.
  2. Josh makes a move

    A swing and a miss when Josh flirts with Nany and gets brother-zoned. Very cringey.
  3. Daily Challenge:

    Mission Airlift: start on a speed boat, a helicopter drops a rope down, then a swimming race. Timed event.
    Aneesa falls, Devin fails, Josh fails.
    Another shoe was lost, and Lolo blames her poor performance on that.

    Winners: CT & Big T

  4. Lolo cries again

    That’s it.
  5. CT wants Josh in the crater, and the BB alliance wants Devin.

    CT wants an easy gold skull and the Big Brother alliance wants Devin gone.
  6. Housevote

    Devin plays the layup card, but the house still votes him in.
  7. Josh cries again

    But this time hes happy because he has friends.
  8. Lolo quits the game

  9. Elimination

    Devin and Gabby stand in front of TJ ready for war and a ‘security breach appears’.
  10. Cliffhanger

    We have to wait until next week to see what the security breach is.
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