10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 12

If you watched this week’s episode and you were not wanting to hug Big T the ENTIRE 90 minutes then you are a monster and I don’t want you in my life.

The Challenge' Recap: In Praise of CT and Big T's Buddy Cop Comedy - The  Ringer
better times with this duo…
  1. Security Breach

    -Double elimination
    -Double Agents get to choose who goes against who
    -Men’s elimination
    -Dead Ringer ( +longer poles and a puzzle)

    Devin vs Darrell– WINNER
    CT vs Josh – WINNER
  2. Partner Switch-up

    Darrell- Sticks with Amber
    CT- Chooses Kam with the most DRAMATIC speech.
    Kyle- Chooses Nany
    Nam- Is with Big T
    Cory- Chooses Gaby

  3. Kyle Feels Betrayed

    CT vs Kyle ft deli meat, the two argue in the kitchen about how shady CT’s choice was to pick Kam.

  4. Big T and Nany Feel Wronged

    Both lost their partners.

  5. Nam’s back gets worse

    Nam reveals to the house how bad his back is. Nam goes to the hospital and is medically unfit to continue, leaving Big T as the rogue agent and another missed opportunity to get her gold skull.
  6. Headquarters Field Trip

    Off to the hot springs! It was great to see the cast having FUN.
  7. Kam and Leroy get a moment alone

    I want an invite to the wedding.

  8. CT sends Big T a bottle of champagne to try to make peace

    CT sets up a campfire with s’mores to chat with Big T. Tula opens up to CT.
    Big T says she has had her spirit broken by CT and CT says she is not ready for a final. Honestly it is just CT gaslighting Big T and shes not taking the bait.

  9. Leroy And Kaycee Chat

The two discuss how great their partnership is.

10. Challenge Time

It’s a nighttime challenge

“Mission Survive The Night”
Players are chained to their partners in a cage and must survive “tortures” of the night and break out of the cage.

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