10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 13

Last week were left mid-challenge so let’s see how the challengers did in their first overnight challenge.

Challenge Double Agents Episode 1 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways | by Allan  Aguirre | Medium
  1. The Challengers continue their overnight

    Fessy reveals he is throwing the challenge so that he can get a new partner.

    Task 1: Hold a ‘bomb’
    Task 2: Eat the entrees (ram balls etc) and drink the cheese water.
    Task 3: Solve the equation on the back of the box.
    Task 4: Use the key to unlock the box, then use the hammers to break the block.
    Task 5: Blackboard clearing
    Task 6: Use the nail files to “break out”
  2. Puking.

    Puking, lots of puking.
  3. Top challengers

    Leroy and Kaycee have the lead after many challengers gave up (Nany…), but Cory and Gabs catch up.
  4. Double Agents

    Kaycee and Leroy win.
  5. Gessy continues

    Gabby and Fessy get…closer…
  6. Fessy and Cory talk about Gabby and Tori

    Fessy claims he has no interest in Tori…”like that”.
  7. Cory becomes Raven

    He predicts Fessy and Tori’s future together.
  8. Game talk, deliberation and partner switches

    Nany wants to see Gabby in the crater. Partner switches are discussed, Fessy knows that either Gabby or Nany would pick him, meanwhile Aneesa doesn’t want to ‘lose’ Fessy, and Kyle doesn’t want to “lose” Nany.

    Gabby and Cory are the house vote.
  9. Neesy and Nanita

    These OGs have a heart to heart.
  10. Elimination Outcome

    Nany and Gabby go head-to-head fighting for the last women’s gold skull in “Operation: Ring Of Spies”.

    Nany snags the last gold skull, sending Gabby home.

    Fessy is stolen as a partner by Nany, making the rogue agent Big T the newest partner of cursed Cory and Aneesa chooses Kyle.

    Find out what the Caffeine Confessionals crew thinks in this new episode (I sat out sick this week).

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