10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 14

Last week we saw lots of puking and this week is for those with weaker stomachs because there is none. However, those with water fears…

Challenge Competitor Kyle Christie Is Going To Be A Dad - MTV
  1. Mess cleans up

    Fessy tries to lets Aneesa know he still has her back, while Aneesa and her new partner Kyle talk game. (Big T and Amber B eavesdrop).
  2. Heart-to-Hearts/Game Talk

    Leroy,Darrell, and Cory talk game because Cory wants to be house vote, and wants to see Kyle in the crater. Pan to Kamroy and Nany talking about the worst case scenario being an Aneesa/Kyle win in the daily.
  3. Daily Challenge

    Mission Undercover has challengers diving into deep, freezing-cold water that runs between two tectonic plates grabbing 6 coded rings. Teams are NOT allowed to come to the surface. Following this they will use the coded rings to solve a puzzle on shore.

    Aneesa & Kyle: completed
    Cory & Big T: DQ
    Amber B & Darrell: DQ
    Fessy & Nany: DQ
    Kam & CT: completed
    Leroy & Kaycee: completed

    Winners: Aneesa & Kyle
  4. Kyle feels slighted…again

    Leroy and Kaycee chose the order for the challenge so Kyle wants to throw them into the crater.
  5. Names tossed like salad

    Darrell, Amber B, Cory, Big T….everyone else….?
  6. Deliberation

    Cory and Big T want in.
  7. Results

    Darrell and Amber B are the house vote.
  8. The Crater

    Aneesa and Kyle choose to throw in Cory and Big T
  9. Elimination

    Men’s week and it is “Operation: Snapping Point” again…
  10. Daddy vs Daddy

    Cory takes a FAST lead and it pays off. Cory “steals” Darrell’s gold skull. Darrell is sent home and Cory makes a second “steal” with taking Kam as a partner, reuniting Big T and CT, and Amber B as the rogue agent.

    Tune into the recap from the Caffeine Confessionals crew below!

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