10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 16


The Challenge Double Agents: Screenshots from the Full Trailer – Stop Being  Polite
  1. Kyle evaluates his game
    He understands he doesn’t have the numbers right now.
  2. CT & Big T train
    A 5am training session/montage.
  3. Mission Global Domination
    3 teams play offence, 2 teams defence in a caged ball target game?
  4. Double Agents
    Kaycee and Leroy take a win AGAIN.
  5. Voting Talk
    CT and Kyle devise a plan to try to get Fessy and Nany down into the crater.
  6. Betrayal
    CT betrays Kyle and votes him into elimination.
  7. The Crater
    Leroy and Kaycee send CT and Big T into the crater.
  8. Elimination
    Hall Brawl is back…again..yes again. It’s a women’s week so its Big T vs Amber B.
  9. Winner
    Amber B takes her second win in Hall Brawl…against another competitor much smaller than her.
  10. Aftermath Partners
    Amber B & Fessy
    Nany & Kyle
    Rogue agent: CT