Netflix’s The Circle Drops A Season 2 Trailer

MTV and TLC might have some more reality TV competition and this one involves a former boy bander…

For the uninitiated, The Thrillest states, “The Circle takes place entirely inside one building, with the contestants confined to their apartments aside from certain periods of time when they’re allowed into different spots on the premises. The whole point is that no one has any contact with anyone else aside from what they post on their social media app the Circle, accessed via talking to their TVs, with which they can post photos of themselves and talk over text chat with fellow contestants. The whole purpose is to expertly curate how you come across on social media, which means being very savvy about which photos you post, who you make alliances with, and, sometimes, pretending to be a completely different person.”

“Aim of the game is to be populahh,” as Chloe, an alumni on Netflix’s other reality show Too Hot to Handle (a series where UK young adults were basically paid not to hookup) so elegantly puts it.

The Circle releases its first four episodes on Netflix on April 14, with new episodes out Wednesdays. 

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