10 Things That Happened On MTV’s Double Agents: Episode 17

As we all mourn the elimination of Big T we are brought to another week where it it not the final.

The Challenge': Nany González Revealed She FaceTimes Paulie Calafiore 'For  Hours'
Nany and Leroy 10 years ago on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas

  1. Nany & Kyle

    The two reflect about how often they have been “brought together”. Kyle is very aware that he is the prime target.
    The power couple has a heart-to-heart in the hot tub.
  3. Daily Challenge: Escape The Volcano
    TJ arrives at 5:30am to take one member from each team somewhere secret. When the remaining players arrive (which happens to be all of the women) TJ announces that they need to save their partners from a volcano. To do so:

    They must run 5 miles with mental roadblocks (math, sorry Amber B) along the way.
    Then they must go 500 ft into the crater to rescue their partners, solve a puzzle and get back to TJ.

    Winners become the double agents.
  4. Math iz hard

    Kam solves the math problem first, followed by Nany, Kaycee and Amber B remains at her check point.
  5. Double Agents
    Kam and Cory take the win.
  6. Kyle Knows his fate
    Kyle has to devise a way to stay out of the crater but there are limited options.
  7. Kam & Nany vs Fessy
    Someone finally tells Fessy off for being so cocky and never proving “how great he is”.
  8. Fessy’s speech
    After Kyle secretly made a deal with Kam and Leroy not to say Leroy’s name in elimination in exchange for Kam putting her partner into the crater, Cory convinced Fessy to volunteer to go in.

    Fessy reads the 2nd grade level speech he wrote and basically tosses all his old partners and current partner under the bus.
  9. The Crater
    Fessy and Amber are the house vote, with Kam going back on her word and putting Nany and Kyle in.
  10. Again..ah-fu*king-gain?
    Another Hall Brawl, and it’s a men’s week.

    Fessy plays dirty again, and breaks Kyle’s finger in round 1, leaving him medically uncleared to compete. Fessy chooses a new partner…


    Fessy and Kaycee
    Nany and Leroy
    CT and Amber
    Kam and Cory.

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