10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents The Final Episode (19)

We take a small flashback to last week to open the episode to remind everyone how awful Fessy is.

  1. We find out what happened with the cliffhanger and who gets the sabotage from CT & Amber
    Kam and Cory are given the extra plate of food.
  2. Current places at next portion
    1st CT & Amber
    2nd Leory & Nany
    3rd Kam & Cory
    4th Kaycee & Fessy

    Small notes: Fessy still isn’t eating, Amber still has blood on her face, and the next portion is a kayak ride over to a puzzle.
  3. TJ talks to Fessy
    TJ asks Fessy if he wants to continue and he finally eats something.
  4. CT yells at Amber
  5. Kaycee And Fessy
    They time out of the eating challenge, and Fessy blames Kaycee. *Karma chameleon plays*
  6. Neck & Neck
    CT & Amber and Nany and Leroy are neck and neck at the puzzle. But CT and Amber take the lead as Kam and Cory make their way to the puzzle.
  7. Challengers face a math challenge
    Ct is the only one to finish giving him to option to choose his partner, and the challengers are told that not only are Fessy and Kaycee out but that they are to alternate sleeping and holding a heavy capsule all night. CT chooses Amber.
    Featuring a cute banter moment between Nany and TJ before it begins, and Leroy telling everyone that this is his last season.
  8. Day 2
    Challengers race off in the order they finished the math the night before (CT & Amber) (Nany & Leroy) (Kam & Cory) to the top of a peak to retrieve a pick axe and then chip at an ice block to get a capsule to be used later.
  9. Puzzles
    Puzzles and running, puzzles and running. Challengers get lost and money is ON THE LINE.
  10. Winners
    CT and Amber pull out 1st place, with a TIGHT race for second but Cory and Kam took it. Leroy and Nany come in 3rd.

    Amber is the only BB competitor to win The Challenge.

    The episode ends with TJ activating a challenge. Double Agents 2?

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