The Anxiety Diaries Volume 30: Mental Health Awareness Month

You may have noticed that I took a few months off from this segment because…well I needed it. I am okay with admitting that I needed the time too. Since my last Anxiety Diaries post I continued to live in a province riddled with COVID-19, turned 30, and listened to Tickets To My Downfall by MGK approximately 67 times. You may or may no be aware that May is Mental Health Awareness month. Things are tough but I’m going at it day-by-day and anticipating some good mental health movements to come from this month.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2019 | Carnegie Mellon University Libraries

People are struggling both loudly and silently. I sometimes spend the entire day under the covers with my curtains blocking any crumb of sunlight into my room. And as often as I preach “check in on your friends” I’m usually annoyed by people being concerned about me. But DO check in on your friends, heck check in on acquaintances and family members too. Perhaps that one coworker you see having a hard time. Because in truth, none of us have a clue what we are doing or when the struggles will come or go. So give yourself and others a break, and don’t be so hard on each other.

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