The Winner Of Big Brother Canada 9 Is…

We started with 14 houseguests from across the country, one of the most diverse and interesting casts to hit reality TV in YEARS.
Showmances, an isosceles triangle, fights, pranks, alliances, dolls, and saucy behaviour took over the house of HoH battles, twists, Veto competitions and slop diets. Last night with a full jury house and over 500K on the line this journey came to an end with one sole winner.

So who took home the grand prize and the title of Big Brother Canada 9 winner?

TYCHON! The only remaining member of the season’s love triangle had to vote to evict his best friend and stayed off of the block the entire season. Representing Montreal the megababe played with heart, determination and surely made his family proud. Winning with the first 4 votes against Breydon, Ty is taking home the grand prize.

TERA WINS the POV! Jed "Breydon OR Keif?" Ty "It's Keif!" Beth "Its so bad,  but its so good!" Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers | OnlineBigBrother Live  Feed Updates

As far as Canada’s favourite player goes, the votes and the country have spoken and awarded the title to Kiefer!

Kiefer Collison (@KieferBBCAN9) | Twitter

And winner of the BEST line all season? LT shading the Jed/Beth showmance. I cannot wait to chat with the icon soon for #TMITuesday.

Big Brother fans now have to wait until the Summer to get more BB with the US version’s 23rd season.

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