4 Reasons Why Matt Bennett Has One Of My Favourite Twitch Channels

As I continue to dwell in the unholiest of hells known as Ontario (we’re in lockdown..again…), I find new ways to create a “social” life for myself. I was into and over the Zoom party life pretty quickly, and the weather here has only just began anything worth sitting outside for so I have been spending over a year indoors for my Friday nights.

Initially, in the early stages of the pandemic, I had my own “parties” with Geordie Shore playing as a I have my LED sign on. But soon after that I discovered the Twitch channel hosted by Matt Bennett.

You may know Matt from his music, his film career or most famously on Nickelodeon’s Victorious but now it is time for fans new and old to get to know him via TWITCH.


Fridays and Sundays are Bennett’s time to shine as he has guests, shows coming of age films, plays video games and sometimes rewatches Victorious.

Here are my 4 (of many) reasons why Matt Bennett has one of the best Twitch channels around.

Twitch.tv/mottbonnott #mattbennett #victorious #robbieshapiro #rexdies  #thecheetahgirls
  1. The content provided.

    You don’t want to pay money to a content creator who is giving you…well nothing. Matt chooses content to show based on fans/viewer requests, what he feels like/enjoys, and often gives musical performances be it with his trusty guitar or on vinyl.
  2. Attire.

    I have yet to see Bennett wear a top I dislike. His love of DumbGood is fantastic too. So yes, one of the reasons I like watching Matt’s Twitch streams is because he always has an article of clothing I either want for myself or just appreciate.
  3. Fan Mail/Interactions.

    With permission, Matt often opens fan mail sent to his PO Box on his streams which makes viewers feel like they are apart of it all and the sender gets to see his reaction to the mail. It is almost always adorable and incredibly creative.

    Additionally, Matt will almost always respond to what people are saying in the comments. I’ve seen him sing happy birthday to a fan and it was so dang heartwarming.
  4. Personality and screen presence.

    Matt is incredibly composed and likeable on-screen (I can’t say anything for off-screen because well I don’t know him like that) and he easily has his personality translate wonderfully to the stream. It feels very much like hanging out with an old friend, and this alone has created such a lovely little community on his channel. Even when someone starts asking the same FAQs about Ariana Grande and Victorious, Matt is able to keep the audience with him. This is probably the most important reason to tune in.

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