The Tribe Has Spoken: Survivor Returns This Fall For The 41st Season

Survivors ready?

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Jeff is back to give a new batch of wannabe millionaires a set of fresh challenges and a chance to win big, there are however a few changes. This season was filmed for 26 days (instead of the normal 39 days). Additionally, for the first time ever, the title will not have a subtitle — instead it will officially be called “Survivor 41.”

According to sources, The contestants for this season had already been selected prior to production being shut down, but many of them were later recast because of CBS’s 50% diversity mandate. This instalment will feature 18 all-new players split up into three tribes. That’s right, there will be no former contestants this time around. Does this mean no spy shack? No spy nest?

CBS has confirmed it will debut on September 22nd in its normal Wednesdays-at-8pm EST time slot (airing at conflicting times with MTV’s The Challenge).