3 Times Dana Cruz From Zoey 101 Was All Of Us

It is all about ignoring Jamie Lynn Spears after her suspicious cat deaths and lack of support for #FreeBritney.

But…remember DANA MF CRUZ? The character’s actress Kristin Herrera left the show to focus on her studies and was replaced by Victoria Justice as ‘Lola’ but cannot be forgotten. Cruz was ‘edgy’, a little mean but not a mean girl and hilarious without trying to be. She put Logan in his place and somehow always woke up with perfectly intact curls.

Waking Up/Time Management

photo from @411onzoey1010

Are you telling me that you did not also set your alarm for 7:55am for your 8am Pacific Coast Academy class? Well then you at least did it for your own school because I know that I sure did and I did not live on campus.

Crushing The Patriarchy

photo from @411onzoey1010

Shut him RIGHT down Cruz yes. To 14 year old me (yes I am aging myself), Logan represented the patriarchy and I just did not know it yet.

Hiding Our Kindness Until We Realized It Was Okay To Be Vulnerable

photo from @411onzoey1010

It’s okay to have feelings! Especially about Jamie Lynn Spears but more importantly in your day-to-day life.

What is your favourite Dana Cruz moment? Let me know in the comments.

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