10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Spies, Lies & Allies

I thought that least week’s premiere was crazy but HOT DANG THIS WEEK WAS INSANE TOO.

Here are my 10 favourite things that happened.

10. Enter Agent Ed.

Nelson becomes besties with Ed? Even imitates his accent (lovingly).

9. Party time

The challengers show us their MOVES.

8. Love is in the air.

Nany & Kaycee
Kelz & Tori
Michele & Emanuel
Nelson & Berna
Nelson & Ashley

7. The rise of the rookies.

The vets target the rookies, looking at Kelz as their leader.

6. Daily Challenge: Heli-heist

Helicopters, gems, and fast cars oh my!

Emy has a minor meltdown while Berna sets her sights on Nelson further and Bettina laughs.

5. Lauren has been deactivated and replaced…

WITH MISS AMBER B (Josh’s new partner) and her new attitude!

4. The Agency

Fessy and Esther pull a win, an impressive win given Fessy is fasting for Ramadan and Esther winning the first daily challenge in history from a Nigerian!

3. Up in da club and up in da feelz.

Ashley reveals her feelings for Nelson, Kelz and Fessy have a game talk, Josh guns for Kelz Fessy and Amanda flirt at the club.

Ashley sees Berna (Bertha?!) and Nelson together and flips out.

2. Nominations

Josh takes the lead on getting Kelz out of the game with a few…well a few lies. Challengers forget that with Kelz going in so does Tracy…

The vet’s plans works and Kelz and Tracy are the compromised agents leaving Fessy and Esther to vote in their competitors in the elimination.

1. The Lair & results

Fessy and Esther call down Emy, and Agent Ed. This S&M looking elimination is called ‘Flipping Agents’ and Emy reveals how betrayed she feels and yes she cries again.

It’s a flipping and puzzle dealio and both teams get a good rhythm going collecting the puzzle pieces and by both teams I do not mean Kelz and Tracy. I will hear Kelz saying ‘slowly’ for the rest of my life and I’m okay with that.

Tracy and Kelz catch up with the other team and its not looking good for Agent Ed.

After a puzzle that all thanks to Devin we learned is a map of the world, and some screaming Emy and Agent Ed take the win.

Mr. TJ asks the winners if they want to remain partners or steal agents, and some stealing occurs and reminds me of last week?

Agent Ed steals Tori
Emy steals Devin

And this makes Corey L and Michele partners.

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