10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 3

Despite the image below it is not all sun tanning and skincare on this week’s episode…

Hughie catches some rays and collagen

10. House life seems pretty chill.

Nelly T’s bootcamp is in session! Nelson has Fessy, Esther, Tatcha, and his new love Berna training with him.
Meanwhile, the others are tanning by the pool, and Michele and Emanuel are snuggling up.

9. The vet alliance begins to crumble.

Fessy and Big T chat about her loyalties.

Big T & Fessy via MTV

8. The Daily Challenge.

Challengers must jump off a cliff, dive down to retrieve a “bomb”, swim into a cave to get a second “bomb”, swim over to a jet ski where they are pulled for a while then swim to shore.

Highlights of the challenge include:

-Hughie puking, kissing Ashley and then beating everyone in his heat in the swimming.
-Tacha & Jeremiah being DQ’d
-Kyle being a chicken sh*t
-The Survivors (US) getting injured but being total badasses while they do it. (Michele with a nosebleed and Tommy being delirious).
-To the delight of Hughie, CT’s pants fall off, and so do Tommy’s.

7. Daily Winners.

Agent Ed and Tori take the win by one second beating Michele and Corey L. Agent Ed decides that Tori should take over the politics of this win.

6. Miss Deal wants revenge.

Aneesa, Tori, and Devin chat about who Tori and Ed should put into elimination. Tori states she wants to throw in Big T as revenge for last season when Big T put Aneesa and Tori against one another. Devin says that Emanuel and Berna are bigger threats to the vets than Big T.

5. A medical DQ.

Tommy reveals he is no longer medically eligible to compete after discovering he has a concussion. He did not remember completing the challenge and must go home, leaving Big T without a partner, and Michele down an ally.

4. The deliberation.

Another spicy one! With Tatcha and Jeremiah DQ’d in the daily, the house makes it clear that they are voting them into the elimination. Pot stirrer Devin asks Tatcha who should go in besides them and pokes her until she says a name: Corey L. and Michele. Corey doesn’t react well, while Michele takes a softer approach.

Big T is called out and she and Tori share some..words. In the end Tatcha and Jeremiah are the compromised agents.

3. A Tori Deal with the devil.

Tori approaches Tatcha and promises to put Michele into the elimination.

2. The Lair

We pan out to see a DIY pole-ladder challenge. Agency members Tori and Agent Ed vote in Berna and Corey L. TJ then reveals that this is a women’s only elimination and Jeremiah and Corey L. head back to the group.

Tatcha and Berna both put up a GOOD fight with cheers for Tatcha coming from Esther, Ashley, and Pricilla. CT cheers on partner Berna alongside her showmance Nelson.

1. Results and aftermath.

Berna pulls off the win and chooses CT to remain as her partner, leaving Big T and Jeremiah to be a new pairing.

Tatcha is given a lovely farewell, and she tells Tori off. Tori is basically fumbling her words and Tacha vows revenge.

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