10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 4

Last week we said goodbye to a Survivor champ and hello to a Challenge champ with Tommy being medically DQ’d and Amber coming in as Josh’s new partner. This week the rookies are again the target.

CT & Hughie do some training

10. More romance blooms.

Big T & Logan snuggle up in the cabana, Emanuel & Michele heat up and Amber B hooks up with a rookie…

9. DYLE: The Rise & Fall.

Devin and Kyle discuss which vets need to go soon, with Cory’s name coming up. They bro up but something happens in the daily that puts them at odds with one another.


8. The Big Brother Alliance.

It’s real, its not real. Either way Kaycee is pretending its real to Amber.

7. The Daily.

SABOTAGE YAY! More bombs and heights.

The vets are all coming for the only rookie-rookie team left Corey L & Michele. Hughie & Ashley remain a hilarious pair, as do Amanda & Kyle.

Emy has a blowup as Kyle eliminates Devin & her…the vet alliance continues to crumble.

Heat 1 winners: Amber B & Josh

Heat 2 winners: Esther & Fessy

The overall winners were Festher aka Esther and Fessy.

6. Up in da club.

Finally, we are getting the challengers drunk and dancing again. Strategy is talked between Fessy & Corey L, Devin & his buddy Josh chat and there are hookups everywhere.

5. Nominations.

Michele & Corey call out the “weaker” rookies and Hughie is put on the spot. And big shock, Michele and Corey are nominated. The vet alliance continues on strong.

4. The Big Brother Alliance crumbles more…

Fessy cannot drop his beef with Amber.

3. A vet-on-vet crime.

With Hughie being sent in by The Agency a woman must be sent in and Fessy chooses now to come back as Messy Fessy. Amber B is voted in and Josh almost tries to hit Fessy.

2. The Elimination.

Umm..Hughie comes through and Amber & he take the LEAD. But he also drops the key they need mid-game.

Michele & Corey continue to put up the fight as Hughie & Corey argue. Hughie shocks the crowd as he retrieves the key he dropped by doing the splits…

Kyle reacts to this move

Hughie & Amber win and there is a physical fight between Corey & Hughie.
Michele & Emanuel say goodbye with a kiss.

1. New Teams.

Hughie & Nany
Amber & Devin
Ashley & Josh
Emy & Gabo

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