10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 7

Last week was a cliffhanger with a fight between the Big Brother alliance and we were robbed of an elimination. Luckily, this week was different.

10. The aftermath.

Josh and Fessy make up.

9. Emy signs a deal with the devil(s).

If its in hot sauce, its a done deal. Emy wants CT as her partner!

8. TJ comes to the house.

This is never a good thing. Following the pizza gate 2.0 incident

Esther is given a warning, as is Josh while Fessy is sent home. Esther apologizes to Amber for throwing a drink but this doesn’t make them pals.

7. Nominations.

The apology tour continues with Cory and Tori, yet crickets from Amber.
Esther basically volunteers to go in and the house respects that.

8. Emy wants in while CT wants away from Berna.

Emy wants Emanuel and Kaycee to vote her into the Lair so that she can take CT as a partner and CT is sick of Berna.

9. Elimination.

Its a bird! its a hall brawl! Oh its a rage cage? It’s Emy vs Esther in the Walmart version of a Hall Brawl.

10. New Partnerships and new beefs.

Emy chooses Uncle CT as her new partner, leaving Hughie and Berna together. Esther vows Challenge revenge on Amber, and Berna does the same for Emy.

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