And The Winner Of Big Brother 23 Is…

In the show’s most historic season a Black winner has finally been crowned. Following the hard work of Tiffany’s Cookout the final 4 consisted of Xavier, Azah, Kyland and Derek F. With Xavier winning the coveted HoH and veto solidifying he would be in the final 3 things were looking up for the pretend bartender-lawyer.

Kyland went home and disrespected everyone he could on his way out. Oh and stole Derek F’s ring.

Big Brother' 2021 Spoilers: Final HOH Results |

With part 1 of the final HoH competition being won by Xavier this left Azah and Derek battling it out in part 2.

Not surprising at all Azah won part 2. Finally it was Azah vs Xavier fighting for a seat in the final 2. Beat by just ONE question, Azah lost the final part and was evicted by Xavier.

The whole cast was there either in person or via video call and aside from Kyland being the worst, there wasn’t as much drama as I wanted.

Big Brother season 23, episode 8 recap: Xavier's HOH week is already  getting very complicated |

The remainder of the finale was mediocre at best, and not surprisingly but historically, Xavier was named the winner of the season unanimously.

This makes Xavier the FIRST Black winner of the series in 23 seasons. As for American’s Favorite Houseguest? It was queen Tiffany herself.

Big Brother' Alums Call Tiffany a 'Mastermind in the Making'

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