10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 9

UK rookie Pricilla shook things up last week and the vet alliance is no more.

Ed has a one-on-one with his number one.

10. The vets are shaking.

They know the alliance truce is off. Josh suspects that Cory isn’t really rocking with the vets like he claimed, while Amber feels left out from most of the players.

9. The List is back?

Cory is rallying the rookies (and Nelson) with a list. He has put together the alliances and teams within teams that he believes are working together.

8. Let’s get physical.

The daily challenge has teams playing a ball game in the mud. The end of round 1 has Josh vs CT, Cory, Ed, Kyle, and Jeremiah. Josh and Cory get into a little argument but nothing too serious.

You can see Pricilla regretting her partner choice…

In round 2 its:

Devin & Amber
Kaycee & Emanuel
Logan & Nany
Ed & Ashley
Big T & Nelson

Kaycee gets to tackle Amber while Nany and Ashley get through to the final round. With a big surprise Big T gets the ball from both Amber and Kaycee.

Round 3 its:

Logan & Nany
Ed & Ashley
Big T & Nelson

Logan strikes a deal with Ed, and Nelson for his and Nany’s first win as a team.

7. Meltdown Mitchell returns.

With her team on the line Ashley is panicking. Just to make it comedic, Josh is the one trying to calm her down.

6. Nominations.

Things got HEATED. Ashley and Cory came for one another’s necks and brought up things from like…5 seasons ago? Loyalties, friendships and characters are questioned.

In the end Bettina and Cory are voted into the Lair.

5. Cory vs Everyone.

The fuel to the fire of Cory’s anger was the nominations and he takes that out on Kyle.

4. The Lair.

The Agency puts Jeremiah and Amber into elimination. Cory and Bettina have their hearts set on a win and new partners of Kaycee and CT.

3. Elimination.

Its a puzzle…Cory is rightfully stressed about this. Teams must carry puzzle pieces from one side to the other along an uneven balance beam.

2. Early lead.

Amber and Jeremiah take the early lead and it seems like they have the win. But, don’t count out Corttina just yet. The two find a rhythm and Bettina finishes the puzzle.

1. New Teams.

TJ tells winners Cory and Bettina to join the group…no partner stealing?! We have to wait until next week to find out why.

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