Pop Culture Round-Up Fall 2021

Well, thus far this spooky season has given us a buffet of pop culture fun. Here is what you can say to appear up to date.

11. Jesy Nelson & Nicki Minaj.

With the release of the Little Mix former member Jesy Nelson’s new single featuring Nicki Minaj true colours have been shown.

Here is a video of Jesy prepping for the single that I refuse to post on my site.

10. TikTok Takeovers:

Berries and Cream made a return, Emily made a spicy salmon roll with an ice cube and couch guy was maybe (very obviously) cheating. Also, the new laugh emoji is the chair.

9. Adele:

The singer teased about a new album ’30’, and will NOT be collaborating with Peppa Pig.

8. Chris Evans & Selena Gomez:

Rumours are flying that the two are an item.

7. Squidgame

The show caught insane popularity in North America thanks to Netflix.

🦑 The Squid Game effect

6. The KFC Double Down is back

As if COVID weren’t killing enough us.

5. Sabrina is going to Riverdale.

Riverdale is still filming and now Sabrina is joining. I cannot wait to see what fresh hell of a plot she will bring.

4. The Big Brother 23 Cast & Todrick.

They seem to just live with Todrick in LA now.

3. Challenge Cheats.

Johnny Bananas, and Fessy Shafat join the list of cheaters from MTV’s The Challenge with very public breakups.

2. The Scream 5 trailer dropped.

1. The Zodiac killer.

It was Gary.

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