10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 10

Last week we were all left confused with no partner stealing?

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10. Cory sets his sights on new targets.

Fresh from an elimination win Cory wants to see Kyle, Ashley and Amanda out of the game.

9. Mama Manda

Amanda gets a video chat with her son and I’m not crying, you’re crying…

8. Love gained and lost.

Pricilla and Bettina have a heart to heart and Logan revels to Josh that he no longer wants to hook up with Big T.

7. The Daily.

We are told by TJ that this is now an individual game, and low and behold the purpose of this daily is to get into teams…

Challengers are given the choice of 3 assignments, each resulting in a comically sized gem. You bring your gem to the finish line and choose a cell. But this is merely part 1 of this challenge.


Big T





Part 2’s winning team will be safe from elimination. Thanks to Devin working smarter and not harder the Emerald team takes the win.

TJ reveals that this is a women’s elimination and a woman must be voted into the lair.

6. Up in da clurb.

Nothing really happened except everyone looked amazing and the women were scheming on who they want to see in the lair.

5. Green lunch.

The Emerald cell talks about who they want to put into elimination, and Emanuel does some skincare.

4. Deliberation.

Cases are pleaded and cards are played. Pricilla is ultimately nominated.

3. The Lair.

Voted in, Pricilla makes her way down to TJ and he reveals that she gets to choose her opponent. Pricilla takes on a champ and gets Ashley into the lair with her.

2. The Elimination.

Ashley and Pricilla go head-to-head in a physical and memory comp. Ashley has the vets rooting for her along with her bestie Amanda. Pricilla went out against a 2-time champ and never gave up.

1. Winner.

Ashley takes the win and TJ reveals she can choose to join ANY team. She choose to stay with the sapphire team.

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