10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 11

I’m still angry with Logan after the whole Big T thing but let’s check out some other rookie mistakes from this week’s episode.

Ed talking to Ed again?

10. Phone calls home.

We get some further insight into the challengers’ home lives as they call their loved ones and get a Survivor-like edit. Nelson’s relationship with his mom, as well as Ed and his mom, Kyle and his girlfriend.

9. Challenge Children.

Amanda gives Kyle some lessons in pregnancy and childbirth.

8. Viewers may never sleep again.

(please see the main image for context.)

7. The Daily.

A Burger King prize??? Nope. But protein! This week’s daily gave me Wipeout vibes with players running along a high risen platform while their competing teams hit them with a firehose.

6. Cheaters, sprayers and winners.

Kyle didn’t listen to the rules and his mistake cost his team the win. The Emerald Team takes the win, and they all get 3k Dollars each plus P3 Protein Supply Kits.

Luckily for the Emerald Team, they didn’t even need to overthink their next game move because someone volunteered for elimination.

5. Nominations.

Ed decides that because Logan is injured that he should go into elimination…

4. More Tori airtime.

Tori and Emanuel get some showmance time.

3. Into the lair.

Agent Ed takes it upon himself to bring down Kyle…for a pole wrestle…

2. A good fight…sort of?

Ed seems to realize his mistake quite quickly with Kyle dominating him and taking the win. Yet another pole wrestle win for Kyle.

1 . “Switch” – Will Smith in that song…Switch.

Kyle switches from the Ruby team to Sapphire, forcing Nelson to become one of the Rubys. This is obviously some setup for a fight between the two.

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