The Challenge All-Stars 2 Winners

As the spinoff series continues to outsell the OG program came to the end of the second season two winners had to be crowned.

After a gruelling two-day final Jonna Mannion and MJ Garrett took the win.

The Challenge: All Stars' Season 2: Jonna Mannion Left With 200 Bug Bites  and a Lost Toenail
Jonna & MJ: Winners

“It’s crazy because coming back for All Stars, the first season I just wanted to make a final because after doing five seasons I’d never been there,” Mannion tells EW. “So now there was one thing left to do, and that’s win, so it was a pretty big accomplishment. I’m so happy.”

Garrett says winning was “awesome” but stresses how hard that final was, and Mannion agrees, adding, “It was even harder than it looked.”

Jonna Mannion left with 200 bug bites and a lost toenail as well as a championship title, (allegedly) new man, and $$$.

We stan Jonna in this house.

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