Superbowl Sunday!!! Who Are You Rooting For? Jk We Are All Watching Euphoria

Last week’s episode was one of the series’ best and most powerful episodes and I know fans alike are itching for another episode. I will be getting my snacks and such ready and sitting down to be traumatized all over again to watch the HBO series. I am doing this instead of watching men chase a ball and shoot baskets or whatever.

I will be clenching my jaw as I await to see who came in the Bennett’s house, what Laurie is going to do next, Maddy kicking Cassie’s ass and ruining Nate, and of course, see my man Fezco.

Will Maddy reveal the disc? The disc Jules doesn’t even know exists? Will Rue be trafficked? What is Faye’s deal? Are we ever getting Fexi content?