I Shot My Shot At Pete Davidson On Instagram Live And Here Is How It Went

Lately, I have been truly unhinged and I’ll be honest, I love it. In my Petesuit to have Hollywood’s fave funny guy notice me, I have attended a college zoom about mental health with him by lying about my enrollment (and to discuss my book), worn a “Future Mrs.Davidson” tee on Caffeine Confessionals, and now this…

Davidson’s famous BFF Machine Gun Kelly went on an Instagram live to talk about the success of his latest record ‘Mainstream Sellout” and I checked it out and chose violence.

Playing off of a comment made by another fan years ago I decided to shoot my shot.

Will I ever know peace? Probably not. I made sure to let it be known that I had respect for Megan Fox, and honestly was only in it for Pete.

This is all of course in fun and not stalker-fun but I still refuse to acknowledge that he is with K*m K.