A New Season Of The Hit MTV Show “Jersey Shore” Is In The Works With A New Cast 

It will soon be t-shirt time again with a new group of roommates for Jersey Shore 2.0, but the cast hasn’t been revealed.

It is unknown where filming will take place, which seems silly as its…well its in the show’s title?

Following more than a decade after the original crew hit the Jersey boardwalk. MTV has announced that an all-new cast will be revealed for the upcoming season of Jersey Shore 2.0. “It’s been 13 years since the iconic cast of Jersey Shore fist-pumped their way into our lives and stole our hearts,” a statement from the network said.

“Now, the time-honoured tradition continues with a new group of roommates moving into their own Shore house. They may have traded their poofs for plumped pouts and UV rays for spray tans, but when things heat up in Jersey, the Shore is still the place to be to make memories all summer long.”

The series inspired similar shows around the world including the UK’s ‘Geordie Shore’, Poland’s ‘Warsaw Shore’ and Mexico’s ‘Acapulco Shore’. Honourable mention to the short-lived Canadian ‘Lakeshore’.

In 2018, the guidos and guidettes (minus Sammi Sweetheart) reunited for the first season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The series, which has had a total of seasons to date, documents the reunited group — this time along with their partners and kids.

Image from MTV

And the OG tan fanatics’ fun is not ending any time soon. MTV announced that the OG crew is once again getting back together for another season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.  

“The world is finally open again and the squad is free to roam – from El Paso for an old-fashioned roommates-only trip to San Diego for a full-on family vacation,” a release from the network said. “But buckle up, because where this group goes, drama follows. Marriages inches [sic] past the point of no return, and it’s time to settle some old scores that will have the whole family at odds.”

This is not the first series spin-off of course, with Jenni and Nicole having their own show for a while, and Vinny and Pauly too.

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