#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Australian Survivor: Blood vs Water Runner Up Chrissy Zarebma

This week’s feature hails from Australia and was a surprising DELIGHT on this last season of Australian Survivor.
An underdog and social butterfly, Chrissy found an idol and had no idea what tribal was so no one expected her to snag second place (even lasting longer than Queen Sandra).
I sat down to chat with my fave player of the season to talk about family life, her Survivor skills and castmates.


1. It was pretty clear you weren’t exactly a fan of viewer of Australian Survivor before your adventure began. Did Croc give you any tips or training before your departure? 

Hahahah, I def wasn’t a fan. But I am now. Yes he got me in the gym and made me eat to gain some quality Kgs. I didn’t realize how little the food out there was so thankfully I had some spare!

2. What do you hope your children take from your journey on the show? 

Mostly I wanted them to just see me having a crack. Not to be scared or worried about making a fool of themselves sometimes. I’m not a serious person so I want them to know it’s ok to have fun and to do silly things sometimes. People love laughing. Our world is serious enough. We all need a little outlet. Whatever that may be I just want them to be brave enough to have a try. 

3. There was a lovely scene with you and Sam where she helped you to draw your eyebrows on. Would you consider creating an Australian Survivor cosmetics line?

Oh how interesting. Why not. Ha. 

4. On a scale of 1-10 how good was the leg shaving and shower following your return home?

11. I was a hairy lil beast. 

5. Since today is #TMITuesday is there something you can tell me about yourself that fans may not already know?

I eat a bag of liquorice a day. Yes. A big black bag. 

6. What is your biggest takeaway after seeing the season play out episode by episode? 
Ummmmm, Editing is a thing.

7. If given the chance, would you play Survivor again?

Yessssssssss! Second place is first loser. 

8. Are you up-to-date now on survivor terminology? 

Not quite. But I’m so much better now. 

9. Do you keep in touch with any of your castmates? 

Yes. They are my new fams. We shared a very unique experience. Bonded for life perhaps. HAHAAH. Not by their choice too. I make them all be my friends now. Ha. 

10. Whats next for you Chrissy?

U tell me. I’m up for it all. Let’s do this. Xxxx

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