TikTok Pop-Princess PeachPRC Released New Music, And It Even SOUNDS Pink And Gay + Chrissy Chlapecka Debuts Her First Single

It is a big day for the pop girlies and gays who frequent TikTok. Oh me, oh my, TikTok’s number one bimbo is releasing her debut song ‘I’m So Hot‘, which the artist has been teasing for a while now, at midnight tonight*. Chlapecka was the talk of Rolling Stone during the height of the pandemic when the Bimbo Revolution began.

“CHRISSY CHLAPECKA TWIRLS in front of her mirror in a Paas-colored minidress and matching faux-fur trimmed coat, her long platinum hair pulled back into two pigtails. “Hi. Welcome to Bimbo TikTok,” she says breathily, mouth half open, a vacant stare in her impeccably made-up eyes. “You’re probably wondering how you got here. Are you a leftist who likes to have your tits out? Do you like to flick off pro-lifers? Then this is the place for you. Are you good at math? Are you good at reading? Well, then, if you are, how?”

Rolling Stone Magazine, 2020

Well, the 2023 bimbo anthem is coming…


i’m so hot by chrissy chlapecka 💞

♬ im so hot – chrissy

And my manic pixie dream girl PeachPRC unleashed unto the world her ‘Stars Are Blind’ by Paris Hilton inspired song ‘Perfect For You.’ If you know me and hang out with me, then you have been forced against your will to hear about Peach and listen to her music. In fact, her single ‘Heavy‘ inspired some of the work in my latest book. The fellow bimbo and Australian artist went viral more than once, most notably for ‘being a lesbian’ and for talking about ‘chewing vowels.’

This song can and will be on repeat in my home and office for the foreseeable future.

*The song is now available to stream


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