Survivors Ready? Go! (Watch The Internaional Versions)

Survivor is a reality television show that has captivated audiences for over two decades. While the American version is undoubtedly the most famous, the international editions of Survivor are equally entertaining and worth watching.

The international versions of Survivor, such as the Australian, New Zealand, and South African versions, have unique twists and challenges that make them stand out from the American version. These versions also feature contestants with diverse backgrounds and personalities, providing a fresh take on the game.

One example of an exciting international version of Survivor is the Australian edition. The show’s challenges are intense and physically demanding, and the cast is made up of people from all walks of life. The New Zealand version is also notable for its stunning location and creative challenges. One of the key things for me is that you get an intro, complete with the CLASSIC Survivor music, and you see all of the players.

If those aren’t enough, you can check out Survivor Spain and Romania for some further intense island stays, which brought to MTV’s The Challenge Logan Sampedro, Emy Alupei and Emanuel Neagu. As well as Survivor Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Austria, Germany, UK, Ukraine, Turkey (no, I’m not done yet), Switzerland, Sweden, Serbia, Russia, Norway, Philippines (I’m still going), Isreal, Pakistan, Japan, Lebanon, India, Hungary…to name just a few.

While the international versions of Survivor may not have the same level of recognition as the American version, they are certainly worth watching. With their unique twists and engaging contestants, they offer a fresh perspective on the beloved reality TV franchise.

How To Watch

Unfortunately, only some of the series’ are available on Youtube and have recently been removed from Paramount+, but any good Survivor group on social media will have a hookup for it; you just have to..dig deep.

The long-running producer, host, and torch-snuffer of Survivor, Jeff Probst, has mentioned the possibility of an international showdown version of the show. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Probst spoke about the idea of bringing together contestants from all of the show’s various franchises for a cross-nation competition. The success of The Challenge, a reality show that features stars from different reality shows facing off against each other in a survival-style setting, sparked the idea.

“We have definitely considered some kind of international Survivor showdown, but we’ve never figured out a way to do it that we thought would be fun for our audience and still loyal to the format,” he said.

If this idea becomes a reality, it would be a major event for Survivor fans around the world. The thought of seeing some of the show’s most memorable contestants from different countries competing against each other is exciting. It remains to be seen whether this international showdown will happen, but fans of the show will surely be eagerly waiting to find out.

Probst told EW the large pool of franchises is more of a hurdle than a help when it comes to crafting a possible mega Survivor season.

Survivor is so much about the nuance of relationships,” he said.

“And with the language barriers that come with an international format, we’re not yet convinced we know how to do it.”


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