#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with The Real World Skeletons’ Tony Raines

Okay we’re all hooked to this season of The Real World: Skeletons,  and whether you want to admit it or not, you were probably, or still are attracted to Tony, and his LA charm.  Coming soon is the season finale of the roller coaster of a show and luckily I sat down to talk to the  former “ladies man” who made up 1/4 of the wolf pack, and stole Madison’s heart (and mine) about his time on the show, Madison, and the Wolf Pack as the season draws to a close soon.


1. During this season of The Real World your “skeletons” were 2 ex girlfriends, and you
also had your roommate the lovely Madison whom you were hooking up with at the time. Kudos on handling that by the way, I couldn’t live in a house with even 1 ex of mine. On that note, this season of MTV’s The Challenge is Battle of the Exes 2. If you had to choose one of your exes, including Madison, to compete with on the show if given the chance who would it be and why?

If given the opportunity to be on a challenge and I had to chose one of my exes to compete with, including Madison, it would be Madison. Reason being is because we went through this life changing experience together on Skeletons and I think we would make a great team.

2. Since this is TMITuesday, can you tell the readers something they may not know about you already?

Something people may not know about me from the show would be that I was raised in Loranger, LA but I was born in Metarie, LA and now live in Baton Rouge, LA.


3. Madison had it pretty rough this season between her and the other girls. How important was it for you to be a supportive figure to her? What about when her skeleton arrived?

Madison had a tough time getting along with Violetta and Sylvia a lot in Chicago and there was this connection I felt with Madison that always drew me toward her. I hated to see her sad.

Cast Shot

4. Do you have any guilty pleasures? (songs, food,TV shows, etc)

My guilty pleasure would be listening to Eminem on repeat.

5. How has your life changed since the show has aired?

My life has changed in good ways and bad. The good would be the lessons learned from seeing myself on the show. The bad would be seeing all the embarrassing things I did.


6. What do you do in your spare time, I know this is an incredibly generic question but we very rarely get to see the cast do normal things!)

I love to watch movies. I’m a big batman guy.

7. It’s award season! if you could give awards to each of your roommates what would they be and why?

Violetta:  biggest sh!tstarter

Jason: wise man award

Nicole: most fit

Bruno: the hulk/temper award

Madison: sweetest girl

Sylvia: most attitude

Yourself: Best sense of humor

8. Do you watch any other reality TV shows? I’m sort of really into TLC reality shows.

No not really but this seasons challenge is pretty cool.

9. Let’s talk The Wolf Pack; Describe a typical night out for the Wolf Pack:  (i.e pre-party rituals, wingmaning, what sort of places do you go, etc)

Typically night for us was to have as much fun as possible and make sure we always had each other’s back.

10. What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects,events or TV shows?
  They have the reality tv awards at the end of the month that I will be attending besides that I really just back to my regular life right now back with my hometown friends and family.

You can catch Tony tonight on The Real World Skeletons at  10pm on MTV! And stay tuned in 2 weeks for a brand new interview with his former roommate Sylvia on #TMITuesday!

And tweet me, and leave your comments below about the interview!

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