#MusicMonday: Artist of The Week


My first introduction to this week’s artist of the week was on MTV’s The Real World: Portland, and like other rappers I first discover on TV shows I went straight into research mode as soon as I hear “Thirsty” on the MTV show.

In addition to being an artist, TV personality, and mega babe, Dillinger also played professional Canadian Football.
JD has a flow  that keeps me intrigued, with clever lyrics and dope beats that make my ears happy.
Early last month I sat down to talk to the rapper and Yung and Wavy designer about music, reality TV and more for #TMITuesday.

The rapper has been in the game since the 7th grade and still has the drive, hustle, and ambition of someone at that age, I see no reason why I won’t see him on tracks with top charting artists such as my 6ix God Drake, The Weeknd, and Nicki Minaj.

Be sure to stay tuned for new music from Jay Dillinger, and cop yourself a Yung and Wavy tee!