#FitnessFriday: Are You The One 3 Star Chelsey Perkin’s Favourite Healthy Snack

This season of MTV’s hit competitive reality dating show ‘Are You The One’ is getting CRAZY.  Hookups, drama, fights, man buns, and even a native of my hometown of Toronto. During my #TMITuesday interview with season cutie Chelsey Perkins, I chatted with the Florida dwelling reality star about her favourite healthy snack!

“After a workout I love a good smoothie! Strawberry and banana with low fat milk is my go to!”

What You Need:

Strawberries (6 or as hmany as you wish)
Bananas (1-2)
Low-fat milk (alternatively almond, soy , or cashew milk if you aren’t lactose friendly)


Compile ingredients, blend, and enjoy after a workout, or for breakfast as you catch up on  Are You The One 3,  and see if my girl Chelsey finds love! Wednesdays at 10pm on MTV!


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