#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Actress/Fitness Model Megan Prescott

I’ve created a pretty sweet job for myself that involves writing about stuff I love, and really dope interviews. This post is no different as I chat with actress, artist, and fitness model/competitor Meg Prescott. And if you know me, you know I fangirled all the wya through this interview #SorryNotSorry.
Prescott and I chat about her upcoming documentary “Dumbbells And Donuts“, her time on the cult classic show Skins, art, and more in this week’s #TMITuesday interview.

1. So tell us about the documentary, how did this come about? 

So ‘Dumbbells and Donuts’ came about around September last year at a meeting me and MBFilms were having about another potential project. I got my Tupperware box of food out of my bag and the guys asked why I was eating out of a box and I explained to them that I was planning to do a bikini fitness competition the next year. The more I explained it to them the more interested they were, we carried on discussing the competition and everything involved and the more we spoke the more obvious it became that THIS should be the next project. We have been documenting my progress ever since! 

2. What inspired you to get into bodybuilding?

I didn’t start going to the gym with bodybuilding in mind, but rather because I wanted to loose some body fat and get a bit stronger both mentally and physically. My friend’s Uncle is a successful bodybuilder and owns a bodybuilding gym near where I live. I joined and started weight training after I broke my hand about three/four years ago with another friend who helped me out (it was a bit difficult with the hand!). Very quickly I started seeing my body change in ways it never had before with just cardio. I guess I kind of became addicted to the amazing feeling you get after a serious weight training session and then eating a big  meal! I also noticed that as long as I ate predominantly healthily 90% of the time, the occasional donut or treat didn’t make any difference! Zak, the owner of the gym, asked me one day if I had ever contemplated competing and planted the seed in my head and it kind of became a bucket list kind of goal for me!

3. What would you say is your ‘theme song’? 

Hmm, at the moment I’m really really liking that song called ‘Here’ (I can’t remember who sings it!) but it’s a girl singing about being uninterested in drinking and fake-ness and I just was sick of hearing every song on the radio promoting that lifestyle of binge drinking and partying non-stop and I felt like a bit of a boring old person because I wasn’t interested in that much anymore! So it was nice to really get someone singing a song I felt like I could have sang about myself! I listen to it on my way to the gym and it gives me like this proper attitude that I need for weight lifting! Haha


4. You’ve previously worked on films as a make-up artist, is this something you would like to do more of?

I LOVE doing makeup on shoots! Anything to do with art and illusion fascinates me, especially when it’s SFX makeup like in our horror short ‘Turn around when possible’ that myself and MBFilms did a few years ago, the makeup artist wasn’t available one day so I did what I could and it turned out pretty good and so much fun! It went from there really and I absolutely love it! 

5. You also are an artist, who or what inspires your work?

Well, I had an awful art teacher at college who numbed my creative vibe (for la k of a better expression!) for a good few years! She gave me an E (which in the UK is basically a fail grade) for my final piece. Years later I put some of my work on eBay just because I no longer had space for them at home, and shockingly they sold for really decent amounts and it really gave me my confidence in my art back and ever since then I havn’t stopped painting. It’s so relaxing and perfect when you are feeling a bit anxious; it distracts you enough to quell your anxious thoughts but also doesn’t require TOO much brain power to stress you out. It’s become a huge passion of mine and I now spend a lot of time doing custom artwork for individual clients 🙂 

6. I couldn’t go the entire interview without a Skins question or two, the show is iconic. You were lucky enough to work on the show with not only incredibly talented actors/actress’ but also your own sister, what was it like to have your sister there with you on set/working with you?

Working with your twin sister has its benefits! We are more often than not on exactly the same wavelength and so if we were ever in a situation that was stressful we know exactly what to say to each other to get over it. It’s also pretty cool to have someone from your family going through the same experience, especially such a crazy one like Skins, with you! It also has its negatives! Working, living, and sharing genetics with one person can get too much and end in you getting sick of each other as everyone with a sibling can imagine! 

7. How do you choose the outfits for your workouts? Is it based entirely on comfort? 

My workout outfits are predominantly based on comfort but another important factor in what I wear is what muscle groups I can see whilst wearing that particular outfit. For example if it’s back day I will wear a backless workout jumpsuit or on leg day I will wear shorts so that I can always see the muscles I am trying to work! 
8. The bodybuilding world is primarily a male dominated one, have you found it difficult as a female? 
I am incredibly stubborn so when I went into my gym which Is predominately full of male bodybuilders it just fueled me to keep up with them! Every Time anyone suggests to me that this is a masculine sport and I shouldn’t be involved it just makes me want to do it more! Because I went to a very strict Catholic school when I was younger who told me I wasn’t allowed to do so many things because I was a girl (literally we weren’t even allowed to wear trousers as part of our uniform because we were told they were only for boys!) now just laugh when people tell me ‘ladies can’t do that’ and prove them wrong! 
9. For a while there was a Twitter trending topic “#Skins2017”, likely based on the 10 year anniversary, but fan are hoping for a new series. Would you consider appearing on the show again? And on that note which character from a different series would you like to see a reappearance from and why?

Of course I would like to be on the show again! I’ve seen a lot of hoax stuff about new series’ over the years but if one was to be made I’d love to see more of ‘Posh Kenneth‘ from series one and two. He was my absolute FAVORITE character!

10. Whats next for you?

Well obviously right now my focus is my competition; it’s only about 2 weeks away now! But after that my heart and souls will go into ‘Dumbbells and Donuts’ and trying to get the weight lifting message out to as many people as I possibly can! I am predominantly a writer and am currently working on a drama series (singularly) and a short that Klariza Clayton (who played Freddie’s sister Karen in Skins) will be producing later on this year, so once I finish my comp I will have much more time and energy to put into my writing projects which I am very excited about!

Keep up with Meg on social media during her fitness journey, and stay tuned this week for all new posts here on thenikkisin.com !

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