#TMITuesday: 16 Questions with Pop Culture Blogger/Failing Actress/Unicorn-Deer Nikki Sin

I’ve spent the last year interviewing some of the coolest people for #TMITuesday, finding out about unseen hookups, getting the exclusive on new shows, and projects, but who is the woman behind the interview? I thought for this week’s post I’d answer questions myself  as the final #TMITuesday of 2016. I took to Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and my roster of interviewee heavy hitters for some questions. I talk about my dreams, fears, guilty pleasures, and everything S I N.


1. A Facebook fan asked: What is your biggest accomplishment of 2016?

This was a hard one for me, this year like many has been a rollercoaster to say the least. I wish I found it easier to pinpoint the good parts of this year.
But! I hit a record number of post views with my interview with Megan Prescott a few months back with more than 10 thousand. To me that was crazy, and I did happen to fangirl quite a bit during the interview process tbh (I’m a highkey Skins fan). I’m also focusing a lot more on passion projects like scripts and my new accessory boutique.

2.  @Riv_Gio ( artist, and star of MTV’s Are You The One 4  )Image result for gio riv ayto asked: What is your biggest fear?

I have a lot of small irrational fears, like heights, birds and clowns. But I have always felt like I was ultimately afraid of success. Which yes sounds silly but I think it explains why I’m not competitive. I want to succeed I have no doubt in that notion but I think I’m afraid of it (my goals, and dreams) not being all its cracked up to be. I fear it won’t make me as happy as I strive to be. 

3. Since I ask every interviewee to give me a #TMI fact about them (a guilty pleasure, hidden talent etc) I figured it was about time I chimed in with my own.

I suppose one of my guilty pleasures is chewing on ice cubes? It is so annoying it even bothers me that I do it. And something that a lot of people may not know about me is that I was named after Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue which is why I have ‘Sixx’ tattooed on my right arm. I’ve been rock ‘n’ roll since birth y’all.

4. Facebook fan Sarah T wanted to know: Why do you post so much about that Teen Wolf guy?

His name is Tyler Posey, and he’s in my top 3 celebrity crushes.

Fun fact: I once planned to propose to him with an onion ring from Harvey’s at Fan Expo.

Image result for tyler posey

5. Brazilian Snapchat user Bellafly666 asked: Since you interview so many reality TV stars I want to know if you have ever auditioned for a reality show?

I’ve applied for a few shows, mostly The Real World, and Are You The One to get an idea of what my interviewees go through. Recently I auditioned via self-tape for Big Brother Canada because my mom is such a huge fan. I think a lot of people this that they are so interesting and unique that they deserve their own reality show tbh, but I think I didn’t make it on to The Real World, or Are You The One because I’m Canadian.

update: Sorry Mama sin I did not make it in the semi-finalist round for Big Brother Canada

6. @NikaRashaun (MTV personality/Founder of  ) asked:Nika Rashaun What is the biggest dream you have as a blogger? What inspired you to start your own brand?

I honestly just want to have readers be as excited about my posts as I am. I’m always so excited to share new interviews, and the cool sh*t my friends do. The blog is really a passion project for me that I hope to use as a platform for my other ambitions as a creative.
I never intended to branch off on my own as a blogger or even brand myself as one, but I had so much fun writing for The Wax Museum and honestly as a friend and peer ViVi Diamond inspired me when she believed in me as a writer. As far as branding goes, the name Nikki Sin was a nickname from an old boss of mine. I reached a point following some life changing events where I wanted to reinvent myself so I started using the name for projects (films/auditions) and social media. Eventually it got to the point where my family, and professors in school even called me Nikki Sin, and the brand sort of launched from there.

7.  @Sallybetth ( Twitter user/fan) asked: Why don’t you do a Youtube channel?

I’ve thought about it, but to be perfectly honest I’m not sure what I would talk about. I also really hate the sound of my own voice, I never watch playbacks of myself in film/TV except to focus on my body language.

8.  @paigebackstage (Music blogger/Youtuber) wanted to know: what was the moment that made you decide you HAD to blog, and what influenced the reality TV angle? Paige Williams

Back in 2012, maybe 2013 a close friend of mine ViVi Diamond who I used to watch and mock b-movies with asked me if I Wanted to write film reviews for low budget films on her new site with DJ Etro called ‘The Wax Museum’. Naturally I said yes because of my passion for film and suddenly Cinema Sunday became a part of my life. Following an interview I did for TIFF, ViVi created TMI Thursdays which I became very invested in. When Diamond and Etro wanted to go in a different creative direction but I decided blogging was me still and created this site. I love having an outlet that isn’t soial media to express myself. I also utilize the site as a way to promote the cool stuff all my friends do, my squad is so creative, and amazing so I act like a proud mom when I post about them and their dream projects. As far as the angle, I suppose the reality TV thing came from my love for the genre.

9. Follower of Nikki Sin on Facebook Shane H asked me: Image may contain: 2 peopleDo you have any pets?

I do! I have two cats named Slash and Duff plus a beta fish named Kanye. My best friend and I also have two turtle together kind of (i.e they live with her and I do nothing for them anymore lol) named Scallop and Potato! I eventually want a French bulldog too, despite being a self-proclaimed cat lady.

10. Martin S asked me via Snapchat to list some TV shows I am watching:

Right now I’m super into:

-Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency            -Lethal Weapon
– Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments         – Teen Wolf
-90 Day Fiancee                                                       -Modern Family
-The Real World: Bad Blood
-The OA

I watch a lot of TV for someone who has very little free-time.

11. Lacy wanted to know, so she asked me in the comments section of my about me page: Why do you call yourself a failing actress?

LOL, I say that because its true! I have only had work i low budget horror, and a TV pilot that never made it to air. I’m confident I’ll get my chance, the shot to prove myself. My dream role is as Buffy Summers in a Buffy The Vampire slayer reboot, or in a comedy series. I joke around about it but I’ve been acting since I was 12.

12. @RashidaZakiya (MTV personality/artist) asked: What’s on your bucket list for next year? BEACHDOLL

I don’t usually make a resolution, but I do make a Summer to do list every year. For 2017 I plan to pick one task a month to complete from riding a mechanical bull to learning to skateboard. I used to have a food bucket list, but a friend of mine who worked as a chef knocked off like 3/4 of the list in one day for me. Honestly I just want to further my career and focus on passion projects in the next year.

13. Facebook user Michael V asked: What is Deer Team Six?

We are an international sensation, a collective of artists, models, and creatives set to take over the world and party.

Image may contain: 8 people

14. Snapchatter LeahMintz from the UK hit me up with: If  you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and as much as I’d love to, and as interesting as it would make my Tinder profile, I haven’t traveled as much as I’d like to have in my life. Sometimes it feels like the 6ix is all I know but I think I could be happy in NYC, or L.A if I were to focus on creative projects. I think my pasty skin could do with some real sun, but I know I would miss my friends and family.
I wanted to live in England for a while but moving from North America to Europe seems pretty pricey?

15. @T_raines33  (MTV personality, 2 time #TMITuesday interview feature) asked: Do you believe in the law of attraction? Tony Raines

I think I do, or am starting to as my life progresses further into adulthood. I try to surround myself with friends who are ambitious, and creative because it inspires me and encourages me to go for my seemingly crazy dreams.

16. All of my interviews end with “What’s next for you?” so…

What’s next for me? I have a few projects I’m working on that I’m excited about so it will be cool to see them go into action.  Image may contain: 1 person, indoorI am obviously going to keep going with the blog because I have so much fun with it. I’ll continue to search for casting calls, maintain my current part-time job, and party it up with Deer Team Six.

Thank you all for an amazing year, thank you for all the love and support, and thank you all for reading every week. The retweets, the Facebook sharing, Instagram posts, kind words, and overwhelming amount of support inspires me to keep going.
Thank you to MTV for the majority of my interviews, and my friends/family/framily for everything. Thank you Dasha for putting up with my grammatical errors.

And a huge shout out to ViVi, and Etro of The Wax Museum for giving me my start.

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Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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