MTV’s Scream: The Drinking Game

This season of Scream is darker than the last (BROOKE I SEE YOU GIRL! YAAASSSS.), and it is oh so good. Like any horror piece show, or film there are patterns which I’m certain our boy Noah has noticed. So what can we do with these patterns? Well we firstly can yell at the screen “DON’T GO IN THERE EMMA!” but, we can also play drinking games because reasons that’s why. Well a new episode hits MTV tonight, and Netfix later this week so I thought I’d come up with one.

If you aren’t big on alcohol (which is totally cool too btw), you can play along by drinking whatever you so wish to! For each sighting take the associated amount of drinks (sips, gulps, etc). Up your Scream screening game, with a game. Although, if you intend to binge watch the series on Netflix, substitute any alcohol with water with alternating episodes. #GetLitStayHydrated.


If you feel sick, stop playing. Have fun.  Do not answer unknown calls.


Emma looks worried: Take one drink

Brooke looks flawless: Take one drink and cheers to the screen for her slayage (no pun intended).

Noah makes a break in the case: Take one drink

Someone screams: Take a drink

Someone gets a creepy text: Take one drink

Someone gets some action: Take one drink for every person involved.

A scene contains blood: Finish your drink

New guy Stavo looks sexy: Take one drink (and yes it is because you are thirsty like me.)

The killer appears: Take 2 drinks, and if you are on the show…RUN.


Tweet me when you have to take a drink, and drink responsibly. #TurntTuesday

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